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Many people want to have a proportioned and beautiful face through their general aesthetic perception.
The nose is the part that has the greatest role in determining the general expression and symmetry of the face. Although surgery is a way for people who are not satisfied with the appearance of their nose, today’s developing technologies have made it possible to correct the nose without surgery. For people who do not have breathing problems but are not satisfied with the appearance of their nose, and think that they only need a small change in the appearance and want a nose job without surgery, the solution is the nose filling method.

What Is Nose Filling?

Nose filling is the process of eliminating the disproportions in the nose by filling the areas determined by the experts according to the person’s needs. In the filling process, it is aimed to create a new nose shape by using body compatible filling materials for people who have asymmetry problem in their nose or who want minimal changes. Asymmetries can be corrected by filling the nasal pits with the nose filler and the appearance of the nasal hump can be eliminated without surgery. In addition, nasal tip filling is performed with non-surgical nasal tip procedure. Thus, it is possible to achieve a more lifted nose appearance by lifting the tip of the nose with the filling. With the nose filling process, it is possible to regulate the ratio between lip and nose, forehead and nose. Thus, you may find the opportunity to correct the nose and lip relationship without having a surgery on your lips. Non-surgery nose filling can be applied not only to untreated noses but also to noses that have undergone previous cosmetic surgery. Deflections that may occur after nasal cosmetic surgeries can also be easily corrected with nose filling.

 Nose filling is not a very difficult procedure. Non-surgical Nose Aesthetics should be known as follows;

  •  The procedure takes approximately 15-30 minutes. Surgical nose is more economical compared to aesthetics.
  • The process is administered by local anesthesia. After the procedure, patients can return home immediately.
  • The procedure is applied with painless and painless method. There are no traces in the process zone.

How Is Filling Performed?

During the nose filling process, compatible filling materials that will not harm the body are injected into the nose with syringes. The process takes about 15-30 minutes. No cutting tools such as scalpels are used during the filling process, and there are no incisions, scars or bruises. This means that there is no need for long recovery processes that are needed in surgical operations. After the procedure, the person can continue their routine daily life. Before the procedure, anesthetic creams are applied to the nose and the area to be treated is numbed externally. Thus, people undergoing a filler procedure do not feel any pain during the process.

Is Nose Filling Permanent?

Since there is no surgical intervention to the nose, permanent changes should not be expected. The filler injected into the nose will disappear over time and the nose will begin to return to its former appearance over time. This period varies according to the body structure and the filler materials used, and it provides a durability between 12 months and 18 months.  The non-permanent nasal job with filling makes it possible to return to the former state in cases where there is no satisfaction. Therefore, the risk of unsuccessful applications is almost none.

What Type of Noses Is Nose Filling Applied To?

Nose filling can be applied to anyone who is over the age of 18 and has completed the development of the nose. This non-surgery correction of nose deviations should not be considered as a treatment method. It solely solves the aesthetic concerns of the person. For those with breathing problems, surgery should be performed for these problems. Nose filling is a method that can be used for people who have had a nose surgery before. After some nose surgeries, the nose can collapse or deviate. It is quite easy and painless to perform interventions with the nose filling instead of performing a new surgery. Non-surgical nose tip lifting may be preferred only to provide a more lifted appearance in noses without any deviations. Thus, non-surgical nasal lifting is possible with small interventions.

What are the Advantages of Nasal Filling?

  • Because it is a non-surgical and painless procedure, it is highly preferred.
  • It is also advantageous that the processing time is short and the person continues their normal life after the procedure.
  • It is more economical compared to surgical nose jobs.
  • Nose filling prices vary according to the region to be applied and are determined by consultations with our experts. You may visit our center for detailed information about the nose fill Istanbul team.

CAUTION: Everyone’s body structure varies. Therefore, the treatment process, planning and results of everyone differ. Below are the average values of the information noted. For more information please contact us via WhatsApp: +90 538 266 66 97

  • How Many Sessions: 1
  • Duration of Procedure: 15-30 minutes
  • Anesthesia: Local Anesthesia
  • Downtime: 1-2 Days
  • Back to Work: 1 Day After
  • Full Recovery Time: 2-3 Days
  • Permanence of Results: 12-18 Month
  • Hospitalization: No

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Nose Filling?

Contrary to popular belief, nose filling is applied on the bone, not under the skin. First, the application area is cleaned with antiseptic solution. Local anesthesia is applied and the patient does not feel any pain or ache during the procedure. The gel-like hyaluronic acid filler is slowly injected through closed-ended cannulas. After the application completed in such a short time as 20-30 minutes, the nose tip is lifted and the nose hump is corrected.

Harms of Nose Filling?

The Nose Filling method without surgery is extremely safe. Thanks to its content quality, it does not harm the nose and the nose area. Side effects of nose filling are also quite few. Complications that may be encountered during the procedure using the latest technologies are at a level that can be treated. Depending on the sensitivity of the skin, slight bleeding may occur during the procedure. In rare cases, flushes and mild bruising may occur. These flushes disappear completely within 48 hours.

Nose Filling Prices?

The price of Nose Filling varies according to the amount of filler and the brand of filler to be applied. After the free pre-interview with our specialist physician in our clinic, the net price information will be provided.

Who Can Undergo Nose Filling?

It can be applied to all men and women who are not pregnant, breastfeeding and have completed their developmental age.

Where Is Nose Filling Performed?

Nose filling should be performed in clinics or offices where specialist doctors are present.

How Is Nose Filling Dissolved?

It is very easy to return to the original state if the Nose Filling is not as desired. After 15 minutes of treatment with an enzyme called hyaluronidase, the filling is completely dissolved and the nose returns to its old state.


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