Neck Lift Liposuction (Jowl Aesthetics)

The neck is an often overlooked, yet exceedingly important, part of a healthy, youthful appearance.
Excess submental fat, also known as a ‘double chin’, may accumulate under the jawline, making the chin look full and puffy. These changes can be the result of the normal aging process, weight fluctuations, and genetics. Even those not overweight can see unwanted subcutaneous fat accumulate under the chin and along the neck. Once this stubborn, unwanted fatty tissue develops, it is impossible to improve simply using over-the-counter products, diet, or exercise.

Neck Lift liposuction is a semi-invasive technique used to contour the features, creating a firmer, smoother neck and chin. The procedure will refine a patient’s overall look and take years off the appearance.

Neck laser liposuction is painless and very comfortable procedure.To patients consideration;

  • The procedure takes approximately 30-40 minutes.
  • There is no scarring after procedure.
  • There is no difficulty in speaking or similar problems after the procedure.
  • The procedure is painless.
  • The procedure is performed under local anesthesia.
  • After the procedure, patients can return to daily activities.

How To Get Rid Of “Double Chin” ?

Neck laser liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure, requiring minimal downtime, yet provides significant improvements in the appearance. By gently suctioning away unwanted pockets of fatty tissue, doctor can restore a youthful, sculpted neckline with a single treatment. Using the technologically advanced, laser liposuction technique, doctor will smooth the neckline and contour the chin for aesthetically pleasing results. The technique can be custom tailored to address the individual patient’s needs. Whether correcting a ‘double chin’, or improving a ‘turkey neck’, doctor innovative neck laser liposuction procedures offer immediate results and long- lasting definition.

Laser liposuction is one of several relatively new technologies that are now offered as a way to replace or enhance classic body contouring procedure. Neck Laser Liposuction is among the most frequently successful procedures in the field of aesthetics. It is also a procedure that has long lasting and effective results.

The ideal candidate for neck liposuction will be struggling with excess fatty tissue under the chin and across the neck. Patients should be in overall good health, understand the neck laser liposuction procedure, and have realistic expectations for their results. It is important that the skin still has a healthy elasticity, or the remaining tissue may become deflated and sag. Those with moderate to severe lax skin may be encouraged to consider a doctor natural mini facelift or a neck lift, eliminating the excess tissue, as well.

During a private consultation appointment, doctor will examine the neck and chin tissues, and review the patient’s medical history. Next, doctor will explain in detail his neck laser liposuction procedures. Depending on the individual patient’s specific needs, an additional procedure may be recommended.

How Does It Work?

Laser lipolysis is a minimally invasive procedure that uses heat from fiber-optic lasers at various wavelengths to melt body fat. This is a different process than traditional liposuction, which involves removing fat from the body using vacuum suction.
Advanced surgical lasers melt the fat cells before they are removed, reducing the discomfort and swelling associated with traditional liposuction. Some patients can even go to work the day after the procedure.Facial liposuction is most often performed with a micro-cannula using a tumescent technique. In some cases, laser liposuction of the chin, neck, and jowls, as well as other facial liposuction procedures, can have better results in these problem areas than other surgical techniques. Laser liposuction can also be more desirable because it minimizes scarring when compared to other type of facial enhancement.

The added benefit of laser lipolysis is that it spurs the production of the protein collagen, making skin more taut.

Neck liposuction is performed using local anesthesia and will take less than an hour to perform. To begin, doctor will make 3 very small incisions, from 1-2mm, along the chin and behind the ears. From here, a thin cannula will be inserted and anesthesia, local(tumescent) the doctor will inject special solution (a mixture of salt solution, lidocaine, and epinephrine) into the layer of fat. The amount of fluid is usually measured at three times that of the fat being removed. The solution swells the fat cells, making them easier to isolate and remove. It also shrinks blood vessels, and because it contains local anesthesia, it can help ease discomfort without the risks associated with general anesthesia. Following local anesthesia, the fatty tissue will be melt by the help of laser. After laser, the suction takes place. The melted fatty tissue is sucked by cannula, which is attached to a vacuum. Doctor will continue the suction procedure until the unwanted fat is removed and he has achieved a natural looking, defined contour along the chin and neck.

Laser Liposuction treatment is usually performed on or below the chin and jaw line to reduce the appearance of sagging skin in the neck, a double-chin, or hanging jowls.
  • Sagging of the neck is caused by a large weight gaining and loss, and of course the natural aging process.
  • Sagging of the neck can also be the result of genetics.
  • The procedure has no side effects.
  • The procedure is held under local anesthesia.
  • As a result of procedure, the defined chin, jowl line that patient desire is revealed.
  • It is a scarless and painless procedure.

Laser Liposuction Technique

Laser liposuction is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that uses a laser to melt away fat under the skin and to tighten the skin . It’s also called laser lipolysis.Laser lipolysis is safe and effective treatment.

The Cost of Neck Laser Liposuction

Neck laser liposuction is among the most frequently performed operations of recent years. It is impossible to say anything clear for the operation price.
Be sure to meet with a doctor before you get a treatment done. It’s essential that you go to a professional that works with these types of cosmetic procedures on a day-to-day basis.Getting a proper consultation will help you understand more about the process, the side effects, the results and of course, the financial requirements of neck laser liposuction. Doctor can determine if you are a good candidate for neck laser liposuction procedure after examination .

CAUTION: Everyone’s body structure varies. Therefore, the treatment process, planning and results of everyone differ. Below are the average values of the information noted. For more information please contact us via WhatsApp: +90 538 266 66 97

  • How Many Sessions: 1
  • Duration of Procedure: 30-40 minutes
  • Anesthesia: Local Anesthesia
  • Downtime: 3-4 Days
  • Back to Work: 2-3 Days After
  • Full Recovery Time: 7-10 Days
  • Permanence of Results: Permanent
  • Hospitalization: No

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Neck Laser Liposuction Cost?

Detailed information about the price of the operation will be given after examination by doctor.

How Does Laser Liposuction Work?

Neck laser liposuction begins by entering the area through a 3 very small incisions, from 1-2mm, along the chin and behind the ears . After , the fat in the area melted by laser and finally the area is tighten from the inside again by laser.

How many sessions of Neck laser liposuction are needed?

Neck liposuction is done and finished in one session.

For how long patient should be wearing the corset ?

We usually recommend wearing a corset for the first two days without removing it, and five more days wearing at the certain time.However, our working patients can wear the corset at certain times after consulting with doctor.

Is There Restrictions After Procedure?

No, our patients can continue their daily activities after the procedure.

Which Type Of Anesthesia Is Used?

Generally, the procedure is held under local anesthesia . In some cases, sedation anesthesia may also be applied, depending on the patient’s wishes.

Does Liposuction Lead To Scarring?

Absolutely no, there are no stitches in the area that would lead to scarring. This is one of the biggest advantages of neck laser liposuction.

Different Meanings Of Neck Laser Liposuction

Neck laser liposuction, neck aesthetics, neck laser lipolysis, jowl contouring, double chin removal with laser.
In fact, they are all terms used in the same meaning.


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