Lip Reduction Surgery

The lips are one of the strongest feature of the face. The lips being a proportional size relative to the face is an effective feature that makes the face look much more aesthetic for most people.
Just as small lips change the expression, very large lips make significant differences in the appearance as well. Therefore, having very big and full looking lips in proportion to the nose, eyes and cheeks may cause dissatisfaction to people’s external appearance and cause some negative feelings and especially damage to their self-confidence. Even if it seems to be a simple detail, it can become an important factor in living standards and psychological aspects. In such cases, lip reduction can be performed with an easy operation in a very short time. With this procedure, parts of the face of the person can be balanced and proportioned. With the lip reduction surgery, the person may have the opportunity to feel much happier and more confident

Lip Reduction Operation

  • Lip reduction surgery is a very short procedure, which is made easy and painless by making use of developing medical technologies.
  • It is possible to reduce the lip by local anesthesia and several small incisions. In addition, cosmetic surgery sewing techniques make it possible to virtually eliminate the traces of the intervention.
  • Lip reduction surgery in light of this method begins with the application of local anesthesia in the region. Thus, the person who undergoes an operation can be operated without feeling any pain or ache. After the anesthesia, a small incision is made on the lip and the area seen as excess is removed and the lip is brought to the desired size. At this point, a subtle study is carried out considering the preferences of the person, lower and upper lip reduction procedures and health status. Then, the incision opened within the lip reduction operation is covered up with a surgery stitch that will not be visible from the outside.
  • There is a possibility of edema formation for a few days following the operation. However, both for upper and lower lip reduction surgery, there is the chance of recovery in a short time and continuing routine daily lives easily.
  • Since the facial elements are made proportional and more aesthetic after the operation, individuals may have the opportunity to improve their quality of life by feeling more confident, happier and healthier.

Removal of the Swelling due to Synthetic Filling in the Lip

The lip reduction operation can be performed on natural lip tissue or it can be applied to patients who have previously had synthetic (Biopolymer) augmentation. Thanks to this lip reduction surgery, which paves the way for people who were not satisfied with the size of their lips some time ago and who have had their small lips augmented through biopolymer augmentation, to have the opportunity to have their old lip size back, the person undergoing operation can take an effective step to eliminate the negative or dissatisfying image regarding their lips. Local anesthesia is used in the removal procedures of swelling and disorders due to synthetic augmentation in the lips similar to the procedures performed for natural lip tissue. The biopolymer filling material added to the lip is removed by lip reduction process so that aesthetic changes occur in the appearance of the person. Thus, after the aesthetic operation, people who are not satisfied with their appearance have the opportunity to return to their old appearance.

It is possible to reduce the lip by local anesthesia and several small incisions. In addition, cosmetic surgery sewing techniques make it possible to virtually eliminate the traces of the intervention.
  •  The procedure takes approximately 40-45 minutes. There is no difficulty in speaking or similar problems after the procedure.
  • The process is administered by local anesthesia. Patients can return home immediately after the procedure.
  • The procedure is applied with painless and painless method. There are no traces in the process zone.

Effective Solution for Lip Reduction

The lip reduction surgery, which was implemented by using painful and achy methods in the previous years, has become an easy process, which can be done in a much shorter time thanks to the developing technology. This operation can be preferred without any fears by people who take care of their appearance and have issues about their big lips may be considered as a small but effective detail that will make people feel comfortable in many ways. This process, which is painless, heals in a short time and promises a flawless appearance; may be considered as proof that big differences can be made with small touches. Lip reduction prices are very reasonable and it can be preferred for a higher quality of life.

CAUTION: Everyone’s body structure varies. Therefore, the treatment process, planning and results of everyone differ. Below are the average values of the information noted. For more information please contact us via WhatsApp: +90 538 266 66 97

  • How Many Sessions: 1
  • Duration of Procedure: 40-45 minutes
  • Anesthesia: Local Anesthesia
  • Downtime: 2-3 Days
  • Back to Work: 1 Day After
  • Full Recovery Time: 5-6 Days
  • Permanence of Results: Permanent
  • Hospitalization: No

Frequently Asked Questions

How Is Lip Reduction Surgery Performed?

In the lip reduction surgery, the part that you are not comfortable with is stitched together with the remaining part with a special technique. Thus you will be able get rid of the appearance you do not like

Which Method of Anesthesia is Used?

Lip Reduction is usually performed by using Local Anesthesia

Is it necessary to repeat the process?

No, the procedure is done once and it is permanent, it does not require any renewal.

Will There Be Any Traces?

Since our doctors apply special surgery sewing techniques to the region, there is no trace left

How Should I Eat After the Lip Reduction Procedure?

Patients may continue their daily meals after the procedure. However, they will experience very mild pain during chewing, though not too much to disrupt their daily eating routine.


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