Facial Fat Transfer

Facial fat transfer is the process of injecting the required amount of fat taken from the patient’s own body into any part of the face.
With this procedure, the face, to which fat is commonly applied, is injected with fat to thicken the lips, make the cheekbones prominent, smooth wrinkles at the edge of the mouth and enlarge the lower jaw.

How is Facial Fat Transfer Performed?

  • The duration of facial fat transfer ranges from 40 to 45 minutes.
  • It can be done under local or general anesthesia.
  • The fat taken is transferred to the face with injection to the application area after ongoing special processes.
  • Since, no incision is made during the operation, there is no scarring.
  • Fat to be used in facial fat transfer is taken from the abdomen, hip or waist with liposuction injectors.
  • The patient may go home a few hours after the facial fat transfer operation.
  • Facial fat transfer is also beneficial for the skin health of the applied area.

Fat Injection for Wrinkle and Scar Removal

Adipose tissue injection to the face to remove wrinkles and scars can be used to remove wrinkles or blemishes around the eyes or around the lips by using stem cell-rich adipose tissue. Nowadays, with the developments in the medical field, a stem cell-rich liquid is attained resulting from the special processes in the laboratory. This stem cell-rich liquid is reintroduced into the fat and injected into the face after increasing the stem cell density. Thus, a permanent procedure is carried out.

Fat Injection for Cheek, Forehead and Temporal Region

Stem cell-rich fat is injected to give volume and fullness to the forehead, cheek and temporal region where wrinkles are observed intensely. This procedure makes it possible to have a healthy face for a permanent and long-lasting young appearance.

Post Facial Fat Transfer

After the face filling operation with fat injection, cold application is applied to the face area with ice-filled bags in order to reduce the swelling on the face. After the operation, at least two days is provided to reduce the swelling. The swelling begins to reduce after the first two days. There is no harm in washing the face the next day. After 4 or 5 days of the fat injection to the face, massaging the face decreases the reduction time of swelling. Preservative antibiotics can be used after 5 days of the fat injection.

Facial fat transfer is the process of injecting the required amount of fat taken from the patient’s own body into any part of the face. With this procedure, the face, to which fat is commonly applied, is injected with fat to thicken the lips, make the cheekbones prominent, smooth wrinkles at the edge of the mouth and enlarge the lower jaw.
  •  The procedure takes approximately 40-45 minutes. There is no difficulty in speaking or similar problems after the procedure.
  • The process is administered by local anesthesia. Patients can return home immediately after the procedure.
  • The procedure is applied with painless and painless method. There are no traces in the process zone.

Facial Fat Transfer Recovery Time

Since a general swelling and edema will occur on the face after adipose tissue injection, it would be wrong to evaluate the appearance of the face in this state. It takes time for the face to settle. Although facial fat transfer seems to be a simple procedure, it is a surgical procedure after all. The patient should take care of themselves and rest after the operation. The swelling and edema on the face disappear quickly in the days after surgery..

Permanence of Facial Fat Transfer

The permanence of the fat injected into the face depends on how much of the fat cells will live there. In the past, fat cells were applied to stem cells without being separated during fat injection into the face; but the permanence decreased after 6 months. Therefore, it was necessary to renew the process every 6-8 months. When stem cells attained from fat cells are added to the fat cells, the results become more permanent. Stem cell application ensures trouble-free fat use for years.

Since the price of fat injection to the face varies depending on the age of the patient, the region where the fat tissue will be injected and the quality of the fat tissue of the patient, the price will be determined after the preliminary consultation.

CAUTION: Everyone’s body structure varies. Therefore, the treatment process, planning and results of everyone differ. Below are the average values of the information noted. For more information please contact us via WhatsApp: +90 538 266 66 97

  • How Many Sessions: 1
  • Duration of Procedure:  1-1,5 Hours
  • Anesthesia: Local Anesthesia
  • Downtime: 3-4 Days
  • Back to Work:  2 Days After
  • Full Recovery Time: 7-10 Days
  • Permanence of Results: 1-2 Year
  • Hospitalization: No

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Fat Injection?

Fat injection is the method of taking the fat from the area where it is high in amount and applying it to the areas that the body needs or where it is aesthetically necessary.

In Which Areas Can Fat Transfer Be Applied?

It can be applied to the buttock, breast and leg area as well as to the whole face.

Is the Fat Transfer Procedure Permanent?

70% of the fat transfer procedure is permanent.

Am I Suitable for Fat Injection?

Any woman who wants her cheeks to look fuller can have Facial Fat Transfer. A small amount of fat is taken from the body area to inject fat into the face.

Usually the hip are in women and the belly area in men is suitable for taking fat, but our doctor must see the area first for precise and clear information.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Since it is taken from your own body fat and injected into the face, it has no side effects

What are the Advantages of Fat Transfer?

You can get rid of unwanted fats and transfer those fats to another area of your body that you want or need. It is a permanent procedure and is compatible with your tissues as it is your own fat

What is Stem Cell Assisted Fat Transfer?

Stem Cell Assisted Fat Transfer separates a portion of the fat taken from the area and transforms them into stem cells, which can then be mixed with the remaining half and injected into the appropriate area. Thus, skin regeneration is also achieved.

Which Method of Anesthesia is Used?

Fat transfer is usually performed using local anesthesia.

When Can I Return to Routine Daily Life After the Procedure?

Hospitalization is not required after the procedure. Patients are informed about the issues they need to pay attention to and are sent home. They may continue their daily lives without feeling pain or ache.


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